Clever Canvas


Do you have a business you would love to promote? Have you looked for different means to get things done and you don’t seem to be able to have something that works effectively with utmost convenience? There is a way out. A simple and creative way to get your message out to the public and create awareness for your business.

The presence of Clever Canvas will make it possible for you to easily deliver messages and information to your customers easily anytime you want to. Clever Canvas is a perfect substitute for advert boards, banners and posters. With Clever Canvas, there is a total control over the kind of message being displayed and how it is displayed.

You can create your messages right on your Smartphone like professional with Clever Canvas App. Take a photo or video of your products or dishes with your Smartphone. Decorate with brushes, text, clipart, animations and stunning effects. Preview on your Smartphone how it will be displayed and simply send it to Clever Canvas. Your messages will be displayed on Clever Canvas for as long as you want. Clever Canvas can even display multiple contents sequentially.

Date : 2017-08-10

Client Name : Adcasting

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